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Annette C. Sage

Annette C SageSage Design Group was founded by Annette C. Sage, an experienced Art Director and Marketing expert. Annette has over 15 years of experience in the creative industry as Creative Director, Art Director, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer. Annette's areas of expertise are in Advertising and Marketing, Lead Generation, Small Business Development and Identity Branding. Annette has helped small mom and pop businesses grow to large multi-million dollar organizations.

Annette's educational background includes Associates Degrees in both Commercial Art and Photography, a BA in Visual Communications and an MBA in International Marketing. She also taught Multimedia at ITT Technical Institute.

Throughout the years, Annette has worked, networked and consulted with many industry leaders and has made strategic alliances with top professionals. Annette is an asset to any team bringing her experience and multi-talents to the table.

Discover more about Annette by visiting AnnetteSage.com.

Sage Design Group

Sage Design Group is a boutique advertising, design, marketing, web development and consulting firm that defines business and product offerings, provides expert advice to promote your product or service, and increase brand awareness for effective marketing solutions. Our solutions include brand management, business development, advertising design, marketing concepts, marketing strategies and much more.

Whether it be print collateral, web design, interactive media, SEO, photography, video production, internet marketing, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, webcasts, webinars, tradeshows, corporate presentations, POP displays, copywriting, social media marketing or technical issues - Sage Design Group is your one stop shop for all your advertising and marketing needs.

Sage Design Group's goal is to create positive awareness of your company - locally, regionally or in the worldwide marketplace. We work to enhance profitability, improve your image, grow your customer base, and maximize sales through effective targeted marketing strategies. Sage Design Group can assist you in creating a brand identity that will give you a competitive edge and open doors to greater business opportunities.

Advertising, Marketing, Branding and Public Relations
Product placement and positioning
Business Development and Relationship Building
Web2.0, SEO and Internet Marketing (social media, email campaigns, content creation, banner ads, etc.)
Conduct market research and analysis
Implement results oriented marketing strategies and campaigns based on research
Measure and track marketing initiatives
Creation of marketing collateral (print, web and interactive media)
Graphic design, web design and presentation design


For more information on how Sage Design Group can help you grow your business, call (310) 382-6326 or email info@sagedesigngroup.biz.

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